1st XV MANAGER NEEDED – this is a rare and exciting opportunity to become involved with TRINITY RUGBY and All Ireland League 1A

 D.U.F.C. / Trinity Rugby – “a unique University rugby experience”


In essence, the role is a support one but will provide the needed professional back-up to our 1st XV squad and coaches on match days and at training as they meet the challenge of All Ireland League 1A competition. The role could be shared.

What you’ll get out of it: 

This is a great hands-on way to be involved in the game and experience the challenge of 1A rugby, together with the unique university rugby experience that is involvement with Trinity Rugby – “a Club for Life”.

You will be a figure of respect and inspiration to the team and play an important part in ensuring Trinity Rugby continues to provide a professional environment for player experience and development. Along with the coaches, you will also be a key influencer and role model in maintaining the Club culture, Code of Conduct and expectations of behaviour as well as a champion of player welfare.

Ideally you’ll need to: 

– be well organized

– be enthusiastic and motivating

– have the ability to work with a management staff of 2 or 3 coaches and physios

– have the ability to be patient with College Student rugby players!

– have a car and be able to move training kit to training venues

What you’ll do: 

– be in attendance at least 30 mins before players meet

– kit and equipment management (balls, cones, water bottles, tackling pads, shirts etc)

– be proactive in providing support as needed to coaches, physios & players

– ensure all welfare and safety requirements for the team are met

– make sure all players are registered and complete a Membership Application

– manage team sheets/other documentation as needed by the Director of Rugby

– greet and look after referee and other officials in the changing room area


This is a very rewarding and stimulating role in a high performance team.


If this sounds like a role that you would enjoy, then please contact:


Tony Smeeth

Director of Rugby, D.U.F.C. / Trinity Rugby


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