• img_0728.jpg Junior 3rds Colours Matcgday Squad  (4/4/2017)The DUFC Junior 3rds will play their Colours match tomorrow April 5th at 8 PM (2000 hours) in College Park. There will be postmatch food in the Pav for sale as part of the team’s season celebration. We need everyone we can to support the team so come early, be loud, and cheer Trinity to

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  • img_0468.jpg TRINITY STRIDES TO VICTORY IN SUPER SUNDAY DOUBLE!! (3/27/2017)J1s get promotion back to Metro 1! U20s come back from 15-0 down to win Frazer McCullen All Ireland quarter final!   Every season we have a weekend where the season comes to a climax for one or more teams.  Today’s Super Sunday was a smash for the two back up teams for Trinity. Another

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  • 10995554_956374751063763_2494878306056472708_n 3rd XV SNATCH LAST MINUTE VICTORY (10/15/2015)Trinity 10 – 9 Wanderers It’s becoming quite the habit for this side, as Trinity again left it to the last kick of the game to snatch their first J3 league victory of the season. It was Wanderers however that started the brighter of the two sides and found themselves camped out in Trinity’s 22

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Dublin University Football Club is the oldest club in the world in continuous existence. Football, which may have come to Ireland from Britain, was originally a peasant pastime based on the parish or village. It was unregulated and violent, and fatal accidents occurred during matches with alarming frequency. One challenge between neighbouring villages in Co. Derry read, ‘for the Late Sleepers to come over on [a certain Sunday] and kick the Early Risers’ - See more

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