AMBASSADORS for the 1854

The Ambassadors’ role is to promote within their respective cohort eras engagement of past players and supporters both with the Club and with each other through the social and business networking initiatives being taken forward by the Club and by the 1854 Committee. While engagement is the primary objective it is also hoped that a by-product of re-awakened affinity will be an increase in funding support through Patronage and Associate subscriptions.

1854 Convenor 

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Dublin University Football Club is the oldest club in the world in continuous existence. Football, which may have come to Ireland from Britain, was originally a peasant pastime based on the parish or village. It was unregulated and violent, and fatal accidents occurred during matches with alarming frequency. One challenge between neighbouring villages in Co. Derry read, ‘for the Late Sleepers to come over on [a certain Sunday] and kick the Early Risers’ - See more

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