Brian Slater

Brian Slater

As club captain for the 2016/17 season, I would like to warmly welcome everyone to College Park, home of D.U.F.C.

Our remarkable achievement last year of finally winning promotion to Division 1A has been a long-term goal of the club and it is down to the commitment of players, coaches, management, medical team and parents that allowed this dream to become a reality. It is also vital to acknowledge the tireless work of the Executive Management Board and administration as well as the various committees, trustees and sponsors.

This season we embark on one of the greatest challenges that the club has faced in many years. It is on the back of the hard work and dedication of the great players that have gone before that we find ourselves where we are today. Of last years teams we have players moving on to pursue rugby professionally, players continuing their education abroad and players exploring pastures new, both in rugby and careers. To all players I have had the honour to train and play alongside in a D.U.F.C. jersey I wish you every success in life and in rugby. To the players I will have the honour of wearing the D.U.F.C. jersey with this year, it is our time to build our own legacy.

A club is not defined by one team and success cannot be measured by the achievement of the 1st XV. Last season our U20s side had an exceptional year and it is these players that the club will be looking to in order to carry on the strong traditions and values of D.U.F.C. We have a progressive middle club set-up with the 2nds, 3rds and 4ths enjoying many a momentous victory last season and we will be looking to build on this success over the coming year.

We are lucky as a club to have a thriving Women’s team who recruited record numbers last season and are hoping to field a 1st and 2nd XV in 2016/‘17. They narrowly lost the Colours match last year in the cruelest of manners. However, they subsequently went on to win the Intervarsity 7s tournament. I am certain that through their dedication and unrelenting work, more success will ensue.

One can begin to list goals for the season and to measure success through victories and league position but I am of the belief that these are a consequence of every little step that we all embark upon from now until May 2017. As a group, we need to come together to develop a camaraderie and a bond that epitomises what it is to be a Trinity team. Our goals therefore for this season have to be to demand everything from one another and to come together as one team, as one club, as one family to battle harder than anyone else.

I hope the coming year will be filled with enjoyable rugby, played in the true Trinity style and with many memorable matches that contribute to the continued success of D.U.F.C. A sincere thank you to everyone involved for all your support.

Yours in rugby

Brian Slater
D.U.F.C. Club Captain 2016/17

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