Club Chairman

John Boyd

A past player and captain of the Club in the early 1970’s, John now lives in Saintfield Co. Down. He played for Campbell College, Ulster Schools and N.I.F.C. but his strong association with Trinity and Leinster rugby is reflected in his having played in four “Colours” and represented both the Combined Irish Universities XV and Leinster at U.19 and U.21 levels. After Trinity he completed a rugby scholarship at U.C.L.A., where he played for the inaugural USA Cougars but a severe knee injury originally suffered in a Colours match finished his playing career. He had some success as a trophy winning coach at Ballynahinch Rugby Club. He considers it his privilege to have been a player, captain, President and now Chairman of the Club – living out the club vision, “D.U.F.C. – a Club for Life”. A BESS graduate, after a career as a Chartered Accountant and in Banking John is now principal in PAX Commercial Mediation.

President (Ex officio)


Roger Brownlee

Roger is back in Trinity studying and back with DUFC. After taking a Business degree in the 60’s he played his rugby with Torquay Athletic RFC and then at Wanderers F.C. in Dublin.

Now nicely retired after spending his business life in Consumer Electronics and Cable TV industries.
Currently Master of the Knights of the Campanile, the University’s premier sporting society.
“Looking forward to another season of expansive and attractive rugby plus a good deal more silverware at all levels of competition.”


Finance Convenor


Aidan Walsh

Aidan played in Trinity from 1974 to 78 . He was a member of a useful Freshers team that included Springer (Donal), Mano ,Cecil Beamish and Fuzz Fuller. He toured in the USA with Willie Ryan’s team in 1977 and played mainly seconds rugby that season. Aidan became active again in Trinity rugby in 2009 after he was seen in college park supporting his sons Bill and Robbie.
Aidan has been treasurer since 2011 and is a Partner in PWC.

Sponsorship Convenor

Peter O’Connor

Peter (Pedro) has been an active member of DUFC since 1973 and was elected Vice President 1979 and served as President in the 1991/92 Season.
When actively involved in the club’s administration he has facilitated strategic change to enable the long term sustainability of D.U.F.C. He most recently developed the club’ sponsorship strategy and Ambassador programme for alumni engagement/re-engagement which are key strategic initiatives.
Pedro graduated with B.A Mod (N. Sc) TCD and later added the Diploma Strategic Marketing IMI


Gerry Kelly

Gerry, a BESS graduate, served as Student Secretary in the 1973/74 season. He returned to the Club in 1992 as a Vice President before becoming President in the 94/95 season. He oversaw the re-organisation of the Club to cope with the professional era and the arrival of the All Ireland League. This resulted in the hiring of Tony Smeeth as Director of Rugby. Gerry went on to serve as Treasurer and Chairman of the One Fifty celebrations in 2004 which saw the inaugural Red and Black Ball. Following a further re-structuring of the Club, Gerry served as the first Chairman. The first “1854” dinner was organized during this time to re-connect to past players. During this period he served as President of the Irish Universities Rugby Union which saw the re-commencement of an Irish Universities International side.

In 2010 Gerry served for the second time as President of the Club. He is also a Pavilion member of DUCAC and sits on that committee. A Chartered Accountant, he has served as CEO and CFO of a number of Software firms and is also a Non-Executive Director of a number of Companies.

Medical Convenor

Gerard Kearns

Gerry graduated from Trinity in Dentistry in 1980 and in Medicine in 1989. He is a Consultant Surgeon at St James Hospital and Crumlin Childrens Hospital Dublin and is the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to the IRFU.
He played rugby in DUFC during the mid and late 1970’s and subsequently in Clontarf during the 1980’s. He continues to actively recruit players from DUFC for the Parish !!


Karl Richardson

A student in Dublin University from 1995 to 1999, Karl played for Trinity and during this time obtained two colours appearances and also captained the club during the 1999 European Students Cup.
His professional career has stretched over 13 years across sports marketing, corporate communications and reputation management in Ireland.  A background in agency public relations, he worked with large consumer brands such as Diageo, Toyota and O2.
In 2004 he became the first ever Communications & Media Manager for the IRFU in 2004, where he developed the communications strategy for rugby to support the overall growth of the game.  This included the move into Croke Park, the opening of the new Aviva Stadium and the development of two strategic plans for the organisation across three world Cup cycles. He attended the 2007 and 2011 Rugby World Cups, where he directed media relations as part of the team management.
After a break from involvement with the club during his time with the IRFU, he rejoined the club as a Trustee in May 2014.  He is currently Head of Communications for the Rehab Group and plays a key role in the Executive Management Committee with responsibility for  developing o the Club’s communication channels and practices.

Honorary Secretary

Eoin McBennett

Eoin played between 2001 and 2005 for Trinity Rugby. His playing highlights including winning the McCorry Cup and All Ireland league in 2003 with the under 20’s, touring with the college to America in September 2004 and being a member of the squad which retained division 1 status in the 2004/2005 season. Though not playing anymore, Eoin is still actively involved in the game and is Treasurer of the Irish University Rugby Union (IURU) and Honorary Secretary of Dublin University Football Club. He works as an Investment Manager with Quilter Cheviot in Dublin.

Leinster Branch Representative

Colin Byrne

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