Ladies Win Colours!

UCD took on Trinity Ladies in the first Colours game in three years in a match that from the on set promised to be fierce . After a smashing start from the Trinity ladies, scoring three tries in quick succession, the UCD ladies fought hard leaving the half time score at 20-12 to Trinity. UCD made for valiant opponents but eventually Trinity’s fitness overcame UCD’s physicality . The girls in red and black bring home their first win as an official DUFC team and end their session on a high.

Tries scored by Niamh Byrne, Siofra Fogarty, Rayane Salem and Caoimhe Brady
Niamh Ryan (1) Sarah Clarke (2) Caitlin Crowe (3) Mary Darbo (4) Louise Catinot (5) Kate Fagan (9) Niamh Byrne (10) Siofra Fogarty (12) Faye McKeown (13) Caoimhe Brady (15) Jeanne Magnetti

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