The 1854 is a unique, open alumni society for all players, members and friends, both past and present of Dublin University Football Club.

The name of the society, 1854, is taken from the foundation year of the club, which is the oldest existing rugby club in the world. The mission of the 1854 is to preserve and celebrate the special relationship that many past players and members have had with the club and allow Trinity Rugby alumni to more easily engage with each other, with the Club and with the College.

Membership is through patronage to the club and memberships are available at Gold, Silver, Bronze and Associate levels.

For a full list of what each patronage membership entitles you to, please click here  or please contact D.U.F.C.

The overall benefits to patrons of the 1854 include:

  • 1854 Supporters “Clubhouse” – use of College facilities and priority use of the Lincoln’s Inn
  • I854 Supporter events – 1854 Dinner, Golf Classic, Homecoming Saturdays
  • TCD Patron recognition events
  • Access to social network platforms for both business and social contacts
  • Regular Ezines
  • Mentoring programme
  • Eligibility for international tickets
  • Participation in monthly club draw
  • 10% discount on all club shop purchases

The 1854 provides a fundraising platform to aid the future development of the club, to not only remain in existence, but to also thrive as an elite nursery for playing talent of Irish Rugby and respect the unique ethos of university and student rugby.

About Us

Dublin University Football Club is the oldest club in the world in continuous existence. Football, which may have come to Ireland from Britain, was originally a peasant pastime based on the parish or village. It was unregulated and violent, and fatal accidents occurred during matches with alarming frequency. One challenge between neighbouring villages in Co. Derry read, ‘for the Late Sleepers to come over on [a certain Sunday] and kick the Early Risers’ - See more

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D.U.F.C. - the oldest Rugby Club in the world in continuous existence
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