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President’s Message 2018/19

I send a very warm welcome to all involved with Trinity Rugby. A big welcome also to all those who visit us to play or support their teams. It is the battles that we face on the pitch that helps us to build the life long friendships we forge while at University.

We are proud of our position as the oldest continuous rugby club in the world. We have the privilege of playing our rugby in College Park in the Heart of Dublin and Dublin University’s city centre campus. We have a unique place in  Irish club rugby .

We also have a unique heritage which sets the tone for the Club we are today. We strive to provide a unique rugby playing experience and to be a Club for Life for all our members. This all provides those who lead the club with some demanding challenges.

A very big thank you to all those that contribute in making D.U.F.C.  the successful University Club that it is. It starts of course with the Players. The rest of us provide them with the means to enable them to realise their potential. To our coaching staff, led by our Director of Rugby Tony Smeeth and ably assisted by Hugh Maguire, you show the way and provide the playing direction; to John Boyd who leads the management of our Club, ably assisted by his management team and “Lady Trinity”, Kay Bowen; to the University who support us in so many ways, not least provision of the playing  facilities for our Club; To those who look after the health, fitness and wellbeing of all our players;  Thank you all.

We cannot deliver on our ambitions without the support of our sponsors, patrons, members, advertisers and supporters. I must mention specifically the Bank of Ireland who are wonderful sponsors and supporters of the Club and in what we strive to achieve. All of your active participation in the Club, attendance at the various events and funding is invaluable.  Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Parents and family have a key role in supporting, mentoring, encouraging  and funding our players. We really value your involvement and the massive support you bring. Thank you all.

I encourage all engaged with Trinity Rugby to take out Club membership and make a real contribution to the ongoing success of the Club and at the same time benefit from the perks associated with membership, including access to International tickets(on a first come first served basis) and to the various social and networking events . Just visit our website www.DUFC.iefor further details.

We look forward to your support of the many events that we have planned for the coming year. We have plans to develop further the engagement with all our supporters and members in building a Club for the future and of course in having fun together by attending matches, lunches, dinners , evenings with celebrities and our highlight in April the 1854 Dinner. I look forward to seeing you at some of these events and sharing experiences and building new memories.

All of us in D.U.F.C are delighted that our 1stXV continues to play at the highest club level in the AIL Division 1A  .We are also the current Ireland Under 20’s champions. Congratulations to our captain James Hickey and his team on this outstanding achievement .I expect to see many of that under 20’s team featuring in our first team in the season ahead.

Congratulations to all those current members who have recently received Representative Honours notably those selected to play for the Ireland Under 20 team in the 2018 World Cup: Joe Byrne, Jack Dunne, Dan Sheahan and Michael Silvester. Also, congratulations are due to Jack Kelly,Jack Dunne and Michael Silvester on their Leinster Academy contracts.

We have many challenges ahead; replacing those players who have moved on, developing a new 1stXV and U20 team, maintaining  players healthy and fit , playing attractive university rugby and a run of good luck….and all with the objective of  maintaining our position playing in the top tier of Irish club rugby.

I wish Colm Hogan, our Club Captain and Jane Leahy our Women’s Captain and their players every best wishes for the season ahead. There will be several twists and turns as we navigate our way through the season.I look forward to supporting you through the highs and lows to achieve your ambitions.

I look forward to meeting many of you during the year and to having fun together, whether in the Pav, pitchside, Dining Hall or on our travels to away fixtures.

Thank you all for your contributions and continuing support.

Aidan Walsh

President 2018-2019 season